Ndeye Lena TENDENG

[1] Babacar M. Ndiaye, Lena Tendeng, Diaraf Seck, Comparative prediction of confirmed cases with...

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Mouhamadou NGOM

[1] M Ngom, A Sy, I Faye, D Seck, Study of Phononic and Photonic Crystal Problems by Topological...

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Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde


I am an assistant professor in mathematics and computer...

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Fagueye Ndiaye

[1] Fagueye Ndiaye, Idrissa Ly, Inverse Problem Related to Boundary Shape Identification for a...

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Ibrahima FAYE

[1] B.Kh Thiam, M.M.A.T. Balde, I. Faye, D. Seck, A Boundary Value Problem of Sand Transport...

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Babacar Mbaye NDIAYE

[1] Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde, Coura Balde, Babacar M. Ndiaye, Impact studies of nationwide...

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