Research Team

The laboratory is made up of several research teams:
- Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis of Optimal Shapes
- Optimization and Operational Research
- Mathematical Economics, Finance and Insurance, Econometrics, Probability and Statistics
- Development, Programming, Machine Learning and Deep learning
- Modeling of Systems
- EDO and EDO Control Theory
- Optimal mass transport

Research teams:
Team 1: Quantitative Finance, Econometrics and Probability-Statistics.
Team 2: Mathematical Modeling of Systems, Optimization (global, combinatorial, shape, topological, stochastic and optimal control) and Numerical Simulations.
Team 3: Geometric Analysis, Calculation of Variations and Differential Equations (EDO, EDP, EDS, EDPS).

Research proposals:
- Team 1: Quantitative Finance, Econometrics and Probability-Statistics, Market finance, Crisis and contagion, Signal processing, Fuzzy set theory, Dynamic poverty (multidimensional poverty), Theoretical and applied econometrics.

- Team 2: Machine learning, Deep learning, Mass transport, parameter estimation, image processing, Transport (road safety, traffic simulator), Identify a domain within the framework of Shape Optimization.

- Team 3: PDE, Inverse problems (identifications of domains, functions), Optimization and Game Theory, Optimal Transport , Analysis on manifolds, Optimal Control, Free boundary problem, Geometry of optimal shapes, Convex Geometry, Spectral geometry, Image processing.