DC programming: theory and applications

Abstract: We develop a theory of optimization for a class of nonconvex functions, called DC - Difference of Convex - functions. In many cases, objective function and constraints are not convex, and so methods on convex functions prove insufficient. DC programming constitutes the backbone of smooth/nonsmooth nonconvex programming and global optimization (which is concerned with finding global solutions to nonconvex programs). Most real life optimization problems are nonconvex. As an application, it is discussed how to determine the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) dispatching in port container terminals to reduce the AGV processing time (loading and discharging) and guarantee port efficiency. We applied DC programming approach to this practical decision support system for the terminal management. The problem statement and its mathematical formulation are developed. I can be reformulated, thanks to exact penalty techniques in DC Programming, as a polyhedral DC Program and globally solved.

Speaker: Pr. Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye
call : (US) +1 609-429-5796, Code : 309 297 648#

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 - 15:00