Mouhamadou A.M.T. Balde


I am an assistant professor in mathematics and computer science in the department of mathematics of decision at the faculty of economics and management of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar.
My fields of research are mainly partial differential equations and operational research. Concerning PDEs I work on shallow water equations which are hyperbolic coupled to sand dune dynamics equations which are parabolic, with strong singularities.
Recently, I became interested in stochastics and epidemiology.


Here are some publications and preprints :
[1] M.A.M.T. Baldé, D. Seck, “Homogenization and corrector result for a coupled parabolic hyperbolic system”, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, V.484, No.1, 2020.
[2] MAMT Balde, S Gueye, BM Ndiaye, A greedy evolutionary hybridization algorithm for the optimal network and quadratic assignment problem, Operational Research, p 1-28, 2020.
[3] MAMT Balde, Fitting SIR model to COVID-19 pandemic data and comparative forecasting with machine learning, medRxiv, 2020.
[4] BM Ndiaye, MAMT Balde, D Seck, Visualization and machine learning for forecasting of COVID-19 in Senegal, arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.03135, 2020.
For more publications, see: